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Free Yourself Of Mom Guilt

We’ll get your kids eating vegetables and loving it.

Get the cookbook that shows you how.


Find out what kind of mom you are!

What’s your mom-style when it comes to eating healthy? Take this quiz to find out + get our top tips and tricks for getting kids to eat veggies and more!

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Start Having Enjoyable, Healthy Dinners Now

Alane understands how it feels to be a busy mom, wanting to cook healthy meals but also having a family of picky eaters. Alane tricked her family for years by convincing them they were eating normal burgers because they tasted just like the real thing!

Making BurgerFit is as easy as making a burger.
Several recipes can be made in less than 30 minutes!
All burgers have been tested with kids of all different ages. They love them all!
Get secret healthy living insight from Alane and her team.
BurgerFit helps you save money by using what you’ve already purchased.
Serve BurgerFit burgers like you normally would and your family won’t know the difference.

Kids hate eating their vegetables.

Fight one less battle at dinner tonight with BurgerFit and get your kids eating healthier.

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Overwhelmed And

To The
Mom Other Moms Are
Envious Of

BurgerFit In The Media

Fight one less battle at dinner tonight.

Free yourself of mom guilt.

Cook a healthy dinner that your kids will eat.

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Be the mom who…

  • Has it all figured out
  • Doesn’t struggle at every mealtime
  • Gets her kids eating veggies and loving them
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This book was a life saver! My daughter is eating beets!!! My healthier family thanks you, BurgerFit!

Stacie B.From Amazon

Chicken Carrot and Thyme BurgerFit burgers for the kid-approved WIN!!!

KristineTennessee Grass Fed

Love your recipes! Even my pickiest kid loves the burgers.

Heather RyssmanBusy Mom of Two

Free yourself of mom guilt with BurgerFit

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