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We loved every media opportunity BurgerFit has been a part of! BurgerFit helps make eating veggies fun and delicious for your pickiest of eaters! Our new take on an old classic combines veggies into delicious meat burgers, transforming them into healthy meals that everyone from 2 to 82 years old can enjoy. Each recipe has been tested with kids of all ages, both young and the grown ones. You’ll have them eating beets (and loving it) before they know it!

Media Coverage

Let's Chatt logo

Experiments for Kids: Frozen Orbs

Let’s Chatt, 04/16/2020

Boredom Buster: Secret Treasure Map

Talk of the Town, 04/07/2020

News 12 low resolution

Easy Zucchini Pesto Burger Recipe

News Channel 12 Chattanooga, 03/09/2020

Kicks Country low resolution

On Demand: BurgerFit Fridays

106.9 Kicks Country, 02/14/2020

Today in Nashville low resolution

BurgerFit: Recipe for Zucchini Pesto Burger

Today in Nashville, 01/27/2020

Cook Once and Eat Twice

Talk of the Town, 01/15/2020

Live Green Tennessee low resolution

Live Green Tennessee: Season 12, Episode 9

Live Green Tennessee, 11/29/2019

News 12 low resolution

BurgerFit on News Channel 12

News Channel 12 Chattanooga, 11/12/2019

Today in Nashville low resolution

Southern BurgerFit Burger Recipe

Today in Nashville, 10/19/2019

Upper Cumberland Business Journal low res

Team Cookeville to Compete in World’s Largest Culinary Competition

Upper Cumberland Business Journal,  10/15/2019

100 lbs later low resolution

40lbs Weight Loss Success Before and After

100lbs Later Podcast,  09/23/2019

Talk of the Town low resolution

A New Twist on Taco Tuesday

Talk of the Town,  07/16/2019

Living East Tennessee low resolution

BurgerFit: How to Eat Burgers and Be Healthy

Living East Tennessee, 06/12/2019

Herald Citizen low resolution

BurgerFit Launch

Herald-Citizen, 06/05/2019

Lite Rock 95.9 low resolution

Sheila Says Get BurgerFit

Lite Rock 95.9, 05/29/2019

pure living Nashville low resolution

BurgerFit with Alane Boyd

Pure Living Nashville, 04/12/2019

Center Hill Sun Low Resolution

BurgerFit Flips Fat Fighting Script

Center Hill Sun, 04/05/2019

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