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Let’s achieve a healthy life


Your BurgerFit Vision Board keeps you focused on your goals and always reminds you of your successes.

How to use your Vision Board

BurgerFit Vision Board pieces

Puzzle pieces are your goals

Use your chalk to write our your vision/goals for yourself on the puzzle pieces!

Stars are your achieved goals (now your successes!)

When a goal is achieved, use your black paint pen and write it on a star. This way you never forget your accomplishments!

Hang them where you will see them everyday

Use your command strips to hang them!

Add new goals to your puzzle pieces

As goals are achieved or your vision changes, stay focused on your next goals!

Why use a Vision Board?


Times More likely

to achieve your goals when you write them down.

Your Vision Board Box Includes

Everything you need to start achieving your goals.

Vision Board on Wood
Wooden Puzzle Pieces

to write your goals

Wooden Stars

to write your successes

Command Strips

to hang your puzzle pieces and stars


for writing your goals

Black Paint Pen

for writing your successes

Mesh Bag

Keeps your chalk and paint pen safe

Perfectly sized box

some say it is too cute to throw away

Thank You Card

Ready to start achieving your goals?

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