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Alane’s Holiday Gift Guide

As the BurgerFit CEO, Alane Boyd spends a lot of time in her kitchen developing new recipes and prides herself in teaching her son to cook (starting at just 3 years old!). Over the years, she’s come to learn what her favorite gadgets are that she can’t live without and that make her life easier (including items for her son)! If you’re looking for a gift for someone (or yourself) this holiday season, you’ll find the perfect tried-and-true gift ideas here!

In the Kitchen

BurgerFit Smoked Salts

1. BurgerFit Smoked Salts 

Make it taste like you’ve been cooking your meal in the smoker all day. With just a pinch, you can make any dish taste gourmet with BurgerFit Smoked Finishing salts! Our combo pack comes with original Mediterranean, garlic, and salt and pepper – there’s a flavor for every meal! Pack of 3 for $27.50



Keep your hands protected from burns without reaching for a towel or oven mitt every time! These beautiful, handmade leather handle covers for cast iron skillet and lids are the best non-slip handles on the market. They work better than silicone and they look better too! We love that you can leave them on the entire time while cooking too! They withstand heat greatly and you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping your hand against the hot pan. $15+

Le Creuset Skillet

3. Le Creuset Skillet

Our favorite cast iron pans! Virtually non-stick, and absolutely non-toxic, Le Creuset skillets are a must in Alane’s household. Because of their enameled finish, they’re not going to rust on you like a typical cast iron pan. These pans will last forever and are great for slow cooking. They pair perfectly with our leather HANDLENVYs! Get your forever skillet here.

Mini stoneware from Pampered Chef

4. Mini stoneware from Pampered Chef

Stoneware is superior in the kitchen when it comes to baking dishes! Highly durable and heavy-duty, they can stand the hottest of temperatures and still cook your food evenly. We love this mini stoneware from Pampered Chef! It’s perfect for cooking small batches of food in the oven, and can also perfectly in most toaster ovens! Get your perfect stoneware here.

Kitchen Hooks

5. Kitchen Hooks

Show off your favorite and beloved kitchen pieces with these handmade genuine leather kitchen hooks! Easily create more storage space in your kitchen and stay organized with this simple leather piece and brass hook. Perfect for storing and showing off your beautiful pots and pans, coffee mugs, spoons, handle cutting boards, kitchen aprons, and more! These look beautiful in a kitchen when paired with leather HANDLENVYs! 

Hello Fresh Meal Subscription Service

6. Hello Fresh Meal Subscription Service

As much as we love cooking from scratch, busy moms know that’s not always possible. Sometimes, it’s nice to have everything ready for you to get started in the kitchen! That’s why we love meal subscription services like Hello Fresh, for when you’re tight on time. The recipes are delicious and Alane often recreates the recipes later on! Save time in the kitchen and try Hello Fresh here.

Plastic Kids Knives

7. Plastic Kids Knives

These kid-safe knives are perfect for getting your kids involved in the kitchen! Kids can safely cut a wide array of items – bread, cake, strawberries, grapes, cheese, and zucchini! The material is a non-BPA, non-toxic material that can be washed in the dishwasher. Get your kids excited about helping in the kitchen with this 8-piece knife set for $10.99! Get it here.


8. Julienner

Slice carrots, cucumbers, or potatoes into thin strips! Perfect for using vegetables in a salad in a new way! Julienne peelers slice veggies into match-stick-like strips perfect for salads, coleslaws, hash browns, and more! If you don’t have picky eaters at home who refuse to eat vegetables, try julienning it and serving it on a salad or coleslaw first! The texture change may be what they need to better enjoy it! $9.99 


9. Spiralizer

Get zucchini noodles in minutes with this handheld spiralizer! Great for low carb, Whole30, or paleo lifestyles, spiralizing your veggies gives you the feel and satisfaction of eating noodles without the gluten! Using a handheld spiralizer means there’s no setup required and cleanup is a breeze! Get yours for $9.99 Get yours for $9.99 here!

Boroux glass water bottles

10. Boroux glass water bottles 

Ditch the plastic water bottles and switch to these durable, reusable glass water bottles! Boroux bottles are constructed of thick, durable, high-quality, premium soda lime glass that has superior impact resistance. Preserve the taste of your beverage and stay hydrated in style with these glass water bottles! $29.99 but $18 off through 12/21! Available in a 4 pack or 6 pack!

Zulay tongs

11. Zulay tongs

In our opinion, tongs are a kitchen essential that everyone needs! From easily tossing salads, to shredding meats, to stirring your dinner right in the pan, there is no shortage of ways you can use these handy tongs from Zulay Kitchen. Once you get them, you’ll wonder why you went so long without them. $5.99 

Koops' Mustard

12. Koops’ Mustard

The mustard America relishes! With 14 amazing flavors, this mustard makes good food taste great. There are sweet, spicy, and classic flavors so you’ll have a flavor you need for any meal you make! Our favorites are Arizona Heat, Stone Ground, and Honey Dijon. Get a pack of 4 for $10.92

Yellowbird's Hot Sauces

13. Yellowbird’s Hot Sauces

Spice up your dishes with hot sauce made with fruits and veggies! You’ll quickly forget about the hot sauce you used to love and only use Yellow Birds from now on – it’s that good! With flavors like Jalapeño, Serrano, Blue Agave Sriracha, Habanero, and Ghost Pepper, there is something that everyone will like! Plus, all their sauces are non-GMO, gluten-free, and only 10 calories per serving! Get a pack of 5 for $24.99

Alchemy Spice Co.

14. Alchemy Spice Co.

The best-selling spices from Alchemy Spice Co! Get the collection of Italian blend, a Mediterranean blend, an All-American blend, and Scenic City Grilling Pepper. Perfect for grilling your favorite protein (like BurgerFit burgers!) and roasting veggies, these spices are free from artificial flavors, preservatives, and dyes. Beautiful packaging and superior taste. Get your Fan Favorites Collection here.

Wild Soil Almond Butter

15. Wild Soil Almond Butter

With naturally occurring prebiotics and probiotics, this unsalted almond butter has more protein than most raw cuts of meat! Delicious on toast, mixed into smoothies, even into coffee drinks! This no-sugar-added almond butter is the healthiest choice for your family. Get your jar here for $13.49

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

16. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

Made from grass-fed, pastured bovine, this collagen peptide powder from Vital Proteins is unflavored, so it can easily be added to coffee or smoothies for hair, skin, and nail support! It’s non-GMO, Whole30 & paleo-friendly, and contains no added sugar! Get your 20-ounce container here: $35.99 

Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer

17. Nutpods Dairy-Free Creamer

Whole30 approved and Keto-friendly, this almond and coconut milk creamer is the perfect way to enjoy your coffee in the morning without the dairy and without the sugar! In our opinion, this is the best non-dairy coffee creamer on the market! Pack of 12 for $41.95 

For the Kids

Kiwi Co Boxes

18. Kiwi Co Boxes

KiwiCo. Is a subscription-based company that sends boxes every month filled with STEAM projects for any age! Each box is tailored to the child’s age, ability, and interests so that get hands-on projects that they love and that help them learn and grow! This is a great way to get involved and do something fun with your child!

Alane’s referral code: ​https://www.kiwico.com/refer?i=AlaneB

Maker Lab STEM Book

19. Maker Lab STEM Book

The STEM lab book from Maker Lab has 25 fun STEM experiments that are the perfect balance of education and fun! With its “How it Works” section, kids will be taught STEM principles about their projects that will develop their problem-solving skills. Team up with your child to complete these exciting projects and have a blast together. Get the STEM Lab book for $14.99 here!

Rocket Balloons

20. Rocket Balloons

You won’t believe how simple this toy is, but how much value and entertainment time you get out of it! Rocket balloons are a very affordable toy for young kids. Just pump up the balloons and let them scream and fly into the sky! In this rocket balloon party pack, you get 100 balloons and the pump, and you can reuse the balloons multiple times! Get your rocket balloons here.

Kids Headlamp

21. Kids Headlamp

A simple, yet super fun item for your young kids! Headlamps are a fun and useful item for kids to use outside, while camping, at your next campfire, or inside the house! A great opportunity to teach kids about responsibility with a flashlight (to make sure you don’t get light right in your eyes!). They will love their hands-free flashlight. Super bright, and comes in numerous colors! Get yours here

Digital Camera

22. Digital Camera

Not only is this such a fun gift for your kids, but it gives you an opportunity to see the world through their eyes! This is the perfect gift if your little ones are always wanting to take pictures on your phone, but you don’t want them constantly on your phone. It holds 32 GB of photos and its shockproof build ensures that it won’t break if your kids accidentally drop it. Get yours here

National Geographic Crystal Making Kit

23. National Geographic Crystal Making Kit

With easy-to-follow instructions, kids can grow their own crystals with this kit from National Geographic! Grow 6 crystals in 6 different colors within 3-4 days! Comes with a night light display so your kids can show off their science creations! Get the kit for $29.03 here

Dinosaur Fossil Eggs

24. Dinosaur Fossil Eggs

This combination evacuation and painting kit allow your child to excavate dinosaurs and then use their creativity to paint them! It comes with 12 unique dinosaurs and everything you need to excavate and paint each dinosaur in a different way. Kids will love this hands-on dinosaur project! Get this kit for $19.99 here!

Non-Toy Ideas for Kids

PBS Kids Amazon Channel Subscription

25. PBS Kids Amazon Channel Subscription

We know there are times when we just need our kids to hang out and watch a show while we catch up on housework or take a quick nap! A PBS Kids subscription lets you choose your channels and trust that your kids are watching age-appropriate shows! Your kids will learn from shows that encourage and support social and emotional development, literacy skills, and STEM skills! Get a 7-day free trial, then pay $4.99 a month after that for your Amazon Prime Membership. Sign up here!

PBS Kids Amazon Channel Subscription

26. Disney+ Subscription

For the same reasons above, the Disney+ Subscription is a great kid-friendly TV service that will have you nostalgic for your childhood! New and old Disney movies and shows are on Disney+ and with a subscription, you can download any movie or series and watch on the go and stream up to 4 devices at the same time! Start your subscription here.

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What They’re Saying

Not your typical burger with fries! I grew up just eating burgers with cheese, ketchup, and mustard alongside some fries...This burger offers more nutritional value while still being delicious to eat with the condiments that I love. A side dish of rosemary potatoes in place of fried french fries made it even better. This dish was a nice change from the average burger and had great flavor.


BurgerFit is a valuable resource to have at my office when talking about improving eating habits with my patients. It shows them that making healthier choices doesn’t mean giving up food that they know and love, and it helps them make the transition toward seeing food as a joyful part of self care, rather than something to feel guilty about.


Wait, these are healthy? If I had known, I wouldn't have eaten them...But they are good, so just don't tell me next time.


Trust me when I tell you these burgers are amazing!
I have had the wonderful opportunity to have them, and oh boy! My five-year-old even loved them. This is not your sneaky cook of the nineties, these are burgers your family will love. I cannot wait for the cookbook to come out so we can incorporate these into our weekly family meals.


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