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Easter Treats That Aren’t Candy

Easter is almost here, and if you have little ones, you have probably started brainstorming ideas for their Easter baskets or their Easter egg hunt. This year, think outside the box (or basket in this case) and switch out the sugary candy for some activities and toys that your kids can enjoy for longer! Use our list of Easter Treats That Aren’t Candy so you can shop for items that your kids will still love, and things you can feel good about! We included activities you can do together inside or outside and toys that will spark some creativity in your child and limit the sugar intake. Check it out!

Just For Fun

Stress Relief Squish Eggs

1. Stress Relief Squish Eggs – $10.99 for 6

These squish eggs are the perfect Easter basket stuffer! Cute, soft, and stretchy, your little ones will love playing these (and you may as well!). They fit perfectly into an Easter egg if you want to include these in an Easter egg hunt. Major mom perk: they clean super easily with just a little bit of soap and water so they’ll stay looking brand new! Get a pack of 6 for $10.99 here!

Easter Cookie Cutters

2. Easter Cookie Cutters – $9.99 for 5

Not only are these perfect for making Easter-inspired cookies, but they’re also great for getting kids involved in the kitchen! Ask your kids to use their imagination and challenge them to come up with as many uses as they can! They’re great to use with fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe, or apples, or to make Easter veggie treats from bell peppers, sweet potatoes, or cucumbers. They’re even fun for bread and tortillas! It will inspire fun in the kitchen and also will encourage them to try their food creations. Get a pack of 5 for $9.99 here!

Dinosaur Puzzle

3. Dinosaur Puzzle – $9.99 for 2

Perfect for children of all ages, this dinosaur puzzle comes already packaged in a dinosaur/Easter egg! It’s a perfect and fun way to explore the prehistoric time period! This puzzle has numbers on the back of each puzzle piece to help your little ones out with putting it together and will be great numbers practice for them. Your dinosaur-lover will love this dino-puzzle much longer than just the day of Easter. Get 2 puzzles in Easter eggs for $9.99 here!

Construction Vehicle Filled Easter Eggs

4. Construction Vehicle Filled Easter Eggs – $14.99 for 12

These construction vehicle-filled Easter eggs are another fun surprise to toss in with your normal Easter eggs. We love that they come already ready to go in eggs, saving you time and energy (something all parents need)! The toy trucks are of good quality and will last much longer than a piece of candy will. Your kids will be excited and be engaged in their playing with their new trucks. Some of the vehicles even have eyes – so cute! Get a pack of 12 for $14.99 here!

Rainbow Bath Bombs

5. Rainbow Bath Bombs – $19.99 for 3

As soon as you see how these rainbow bath bombs work, you’ll want to order them immediately (watch the video in the link!). Both kids and adults will love these, and are especially great if your kids dislike taking baths – they are mesmerizing and are perfect for some bathtime fun. These bath bombs are handmade with natural & organic ingredients like sea salt and natural essential oil. They’re paraben-free, allergen-free, and contain no artificial coloring so you can feel good about using these with your young ones. Order 3 for $19.99 here!

Wooden Musical Shake Eggs

6. Wooden Musical Shake Eggs – $16.99 for 6

The perfect Easter basket gift for your aspiring musicians! These beautifully painted high-quality wooden eggs will get you and your little ones grooving to the beat and making music together with no matter their age. Highly durable, these musical eggs won’t scratch or dent, so your kids will be able to enjoy them for years to come. Each egg has a different design so you have options every time you go to play. Get 6 wooden shaker eggs for $14.99 here!

For The Crafty

Unfinished Wooden Eggs

7. Unfinished Wooden Eggs – $15.99 for 30

Create a new Easter tradition this year! Switch up the usual boiling and dying Easter egg activity and opt for this Easter egg painting activity instead. These unfinished wooden eggs are the perfect substitute, and your children can paint them however they like, and instead of eventually throwing them out, your kids get to keep them! Get a pack of 30 here for $15.99!

Scento Spring Sketch and Sniff Gel Crayons

8. Scento Spring Sketch & Sniff Scented Gel Crayons – $6.99 for 5

Add a fun twist to any arts, crafts, or coloring activity with these washable, scented, non-toxic gel crayons! They glide smoothly, are much less messy than markers (which means no accidental coloring!), and the scent lasts up to 2 years. Your kids will love the bright colors these fun markers produce. Scents include Bubble Gum, Sour Apple, Jelly Bean, Cotton Candy, and Tutti Frutti. Get a pack of 5 here for $6.99.

Growing Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Eggs

9. Growing Unicorn Hatching Rainbow Eggs – $6.92 for 2

Hatch your own unicorn friend with these colorful, growing unicorn-hatching rainbow eggs! Unicorns seem to be the thing nowadays, so why not hatch your own?! Simply add water and wait! Your unicorn eggshell will break slowly after 12-24 hours and continue to expand for up to 48 hours. A perfect toy to include in this year’s Easter basket and great for ages 3 and up! Get a pack of 2 for $6.92 here!

Easter Stickers

10. Easter Stickers – $6.99 for 50

Every kid loves stickers and these adorable Easter stickers will be no exception! A perfect addition to their Easter day treats or gift them a few days before so your kids can decorate their Easter baskets with them! There are so many different patterns and variations that your kids will love. These Easter stickers are made with double-layered vinyl and high-quality ink, and they’re waterproof so they’re made to last! Get a pack of 50 for $6.99 here!

DIY Windchimes

11. DIY Windchimes – $16.99 for 8

Creating your own wind chimes is the perfect Sunday afternoon spring activity! This fun kit comes with 8 animals to choose from as the base, and glitter, eyes stickers, jewel stickers, and paint to decorate them with! Let your kids get creative with the supplies and once they’re done, attach the chimes, hang them on the door, and listen to your new music maker! You’ll be able to enjoy it all spring and summer long and your kids will be so proud to see their artwork displayed on the porch. Get your DIY wind chime kit for $16.99 here

Easter Egg Stampers

12. Easter Egg Stampers – $9.95 for 15

With 15 different Easter designs and 7 different colors, your kids will have a blast using these stamps for creativity and crafts! Already egg-shaped for a quick Easter basket addition, or put inside another egg for an extra surprise! Stamps are washable with a little warm water and soap, stamp clearer than other stamps, and are perfect for kids aged 3 and up. Get a pack of 15 here for $9.95.

For The Outdoors-Lover

Sidewalk Chalk Eggs

13. Sidewalk Chalk Eggs – $7.89 for 6

The perfect sidewalk chalk to celebrate Easter! These egg-shaped chalks are easy to hold, and will produce bright and beautiful pigment on your sidewalk! Let your kids get creative and draw to their heart’s content on a beautiful sunny day. This would make a great addition to your kid’s Easter baskets this year. Get a pack of 6 here for $7.89.

Kids Gardening Tools

14. Kids Gardening Tools – $26.99

Give your kids the gift of learning to garden with this kids gardening toolset! Perfect for toddlers and older kids, this toolset includes a gardening tote bag, watering can, gloves, shovels, rake, stakes, and a picture book on how to garden! This gardening set will help instill learning about nature and healthy eating habits as your kids learn how to grow their own fruits and vegetables! Once they see what they’re planting and growing themselves, they’ll be more inclined to try those vegetables in the meals you prepare, talk about a major mom win! Get the set here!

Flower Seed Packets

15. Flower Seed Packets – $10.99 for 25

Grow your very own beautiful Snapdragons, Zinnias, Cosmos, and Cape Daisies! These easy-to-use flower seed packets have the germination time, soil temperature, light requirements, planting depth & space listed on each packet so you can feel confident showing your kids what to do. Use these seeds to teach kids about gardening and creating a beautiful space in your yard. As they grow, you can show your kids how to cut back the flowers and arrange them in a vase to enjoy inside! Get a pack of 25 for only $10.99 here!

Our Favorite Books For Easter

If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson

16. If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson – $14.99

This bestselling book from Kadir Nelson shares a powerful message about kindness and sharing, while also teaching the process of gardening to kids! With beautiful illustrations, your kids will love this story about bunny and mouse on their quest to sow seeds of kindness to see what will grow. A perfect Easter basket book to accompany some flower seeds or spark your kid’s interest in gardening! Get yours here

It Just Blooms by Deanna Chesley

17. It Just Blooms by Deanna Chesley – $11.26

While the main bunny character makes this a perfect book for Easter, it is perfect for all seasons and for kids of all ages! ‘It Just Blooms’ by Deanna Chesley explores how you can accept yourself for who you are and let go of comparisons. Blossom, the main character, learns that a flower does not need to compare itself to the flower next to it, it just blooms! A timeless and necessary message for our kids in an easy-to-read book that they will love! Get yours here.

We Are the Gardeners

18. We Are the Gardeners – $11.95

Written by Joanna Gaines, ‘We Are the Gardeners’ tell the story of a family starting their own garden and the adventures that come along the way! With its beautiful and whimsical pictures, your kids will learn some valuable lessons like the importance of patience, learning from mistakes, and even how to start a garden! A perfect intro book if you’re looking to introduce your kids to gardening and getting them to try new vegetables. Get yours here.

Healthier Easter Treats

Strawberries & Cream by SMASHMALLOW

19. Strawberries & Cream by SMASHMALLOW – $14.99 for a 3 pack

The go-to Easter snack is usually Peeps, but if you want a healthier alternative, try these snackable marshmallows! Made with organic cane sugar and only 100 calories, they are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and non-GMO so you can feel better about giving this treat to your young ones! While they are delicious right out of the bag, they’re also perfect for making s’mores or adding to hot chocolate. Get a pack of 3 strawberries & cream here

Annie's Bunny Snacks Variety Pack

20. Annie’s Bunny Snacks Variety Pack – $5.99 for 12

Bunny-shaped snacks: the perfect Easter (or all year round) treat! This variety pack includes 3 organic, on-the-go options: cheddar bunnies, bunny grahams, and cheddar squares. These are snacks you can serve your kids and feel good about because they are made with real organic ingredients, and contain no artificial flavors. Get a pack of 12 for $5.99 here!

Peter Rabbit Fruit Snack Squeeze Pouches

21. Peter Rabbit Fruit Snack Squeeze Pouches – $17.90 for 10

These fruit snack squeeze pouches come in a variety of flavors, from strawberry and banana to apple and peach. This snack is USDA-certified organic and non-GMO. With its convenient packaging, these fruit snack squeeze pouches are the perfect snack on the go for kids of all ages and it’s a great way to sneak some fruit or veggies in, too! Get a pack of 10 for $17.90 here!

Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks

22. Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks – $10.87 for 20

Certified Organic, these naturally vegan and gluten-free bunny-shaped fruit snacks are made with real fruit juice and packed with 50% daily value of vitamin C! Because these fruit snacks are bunny-shaped, they will make the perfect addition to the inside of hidden Easter eggs, or tossed in your kid’s Easter basket. Either way, your kids will love these! Get a pack of 20 for $10.87 here!

Activities After the Easter Egg Hunt

Put the kids’ new seed packets to use right away, and get tips on gardening with our blog: Easy Gardening with Kids in Small Spaces!

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