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Educational Gifts For Kids That Parents Can Enjoy Too

Give the gift of teaching your child life skills and helping them grow developmentally! 

There are so many toys out there nowadays that are equally fun and backed by science to promote learning. They also encourage parent participation! You’ll be able to spend quality time with your child while they’re having a blast and learning – parenting win! 

If you’re looking for a last-minute gift for your kids, check out our gift guide for kids that parents will enjoy too. 

For kids who love science

Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects

1. Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects

This book from Maker Lab is making science fun and supports STEM education with its 28 science projects requiring only household materials! Perfect for ages 8-12, each experiment comes with step-by-step instructions, ranks the difficulty level, and has clear photographs of the experiments. If your kids are younger, you can do the experiment alongside them. Your kids will have a blast with these hands-on projects! Get the book for $13.26 here!


2. STEM Lab

The STEM lab book from Maker Lab has 25 fun STEM experiments that are the perfect balance of education and fun! With it’s “How it Works” section, kids will be taught STEM principles about their projects that will develop their problem-solving skills. Team up with your child to complete these exciting projects and have a blast together. Get the STEM Lab book for $15.49 here!

Tech Lab: Awesome Builds for Smart Makers

3. Tech Lab: Awesome Builds for Smart Makers

These low-projects from Tech Lab are perfect for aspiring engineers and scientists to get their creativity flowing! Another book from Maker Labs that has a heavy emphasis on STEM education, these experiments are simple to follow with clear photography and filled with real-world application. You will love collaborating with your child on these experiments! Get the Tech Lab book for $16.69 here!


4. KiwiCo.

KiwiCo. Is a subscription-based company that sends boxes every month filled with STEAM projects for any age! Each box is tailored to the child’s age, ability, and interests so that get hands-on projects that they love and that help them learn and grow! This is a great way to get involved and do something fun with your child! 

Get 50% off your first month here

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab

5. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Mega Crystal Growing Lab

With easy to follow instructions, kids can grow their own crystals with this kit from National Geographic! Grow 6 crystals in 6 different colors within 3-4 days! Comes with a night light display so your kids can show off their science creations! Get the kit for $29.03 here

Code Monkey

6. Code Monkey 

Teach your kids coding with Code Monkey, educational game-based learning, and courses that don’t require any prior experience! Code Monkey’s award-winning courses will get your child ready to take on the coding world with confidence! 

Get Code Monkey starting at $4.95 per month here.

STEAMbot Robot Kit

7. STEAMbot Robot Kit 

The STEAMbot Robot is a super easy to build robot for kids that you can control on a wifi-enabled device! It’s great for teaching kids about mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science – all in the fun of a robot! It comes with 6 different animal faces to hold the sensor so you can personalize it. Order yours for $49.99 here!

Beginning Geography Book

8. Beginning Geography Book 

If you have a world explorer on your hands, this beginning geography book for ages K-2 is perfect for introducing them to basic geography skills! Comes with two full-color maps for hands-on learning! Get the beginning geography book for $13.89 here

For kids who love being in the kitchen

Gummy Bear Making Kit

9. Gummy Bear Making Kit

Most kids love gummy bears, but many store-bought versions are filled with high fructose corn syrup. Making your own gummy bears is a great alternative and gets kids involved in the kitchen and excited about cooking! They will be excited to try their homemade candy, and you have an opportunity to sneak in some extra nutrients like the Superfruit C Saarva Superfood! Get the supplies below! 

Ice Pop Flexible Silicone Freezer Molds, Set of 4 Unique Monsters

10. Ice Pop Flexible Silicone Freezer Molds, Set of 4 Unique Monsters

These adorable monster freezer molds will create fun and whimsy in the kitchen! Make your own popsicles in fun monster shapes that come with reusable sticks so you’re not creating any waste. Simply make up your popsicle base, fill the molds, add the handles, freeze, and enjoy! Get this set of 4 for $14.99 here!

Food Dehydrator

11. Food Dehydrator

While you could gift this to your child, it would really be a gift for you too! You can enjoy this food dehydrator too and teach your kids how to make dried mangos, apples, strawberries, dried herbs, beef jerky, and treats for your pets! This is an easy activity to get your kids helping in the kitchen – they can cut the food items and they can learn how to dehydrate them! Get the food dehydrator for $69.99 here

Our favorite thing to dehydrate is apples! Core apples with this apple corer then use the food dehydrator to make this delicious dried fruit treat!

Kids Cooking Set

12. Kids Cooking Set

For the kids who love to cook, they need this cooking set! This 22-piece cooking set will give kids everything they need to get started cooking in the kitchen: an apron and chef’s hat, a turner, spatula, tongs, spoon, cutting board, measuring spoons, measuring cups, and 5 recipe cards! Get this perfect-for-your-home-chef kid for $41.99 here!

Kid Plastic Kitchen Knife Set

13. Kid Plastic Kitchen Knife Set

These kid-safe knives are perfect for getting your kids involved in the kitchen! Kids can safely cut a wide array of items safely – bread, cake, strawberries, grapes, cheese, and zucchini! The material is a non-BPA, non-toxic material that can be washed in the dishwasher. Get your kids excited about helping in the kitchen with this 8-piece knife set for $10.99! Get it here.

Dinosaur Cake Pan

14. Dinosaur Cake Pan

Bake your favorite dinosaur into an awesome cake with this dinosaur cake pan! Your home baker will love to bake using this cake pan and will enjoy frosting it and eating it even more! Get it for $9.93 here!

For kids who love crafting

Dinosaur Painting & Evacuation Kit

15. Dinosaur Painting & Evacuation Kit

This combination evacuation and painting kit allows your child to excavate dinosaurs and then use their creativity to paint them! It comes with 12 unique dinosaurs and everything you need to excavate and paint each dinosaur in a different way. Kids will love this hands-on dinosaur project! Get this kit for $22.99 here!

Animals Origami Paper Craft Kit

16. Animals Origami Paper Craft Kit

This Level 1 animal origami kit is perfect for beginners! The kit comes with a detailed, illustrated book, beautiful folding paper, and sticker sheets so kids can add their own personality. This is a great activity to help build fine motor skills and dexterity! Get this origami papercraft kit for $5.99 here!

For kids who love doing things outside

Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids: 50 Creative Projects to Spark Curiosity in the Outdoors

17. Exploring Nature Activity Book for Kids: 50 Creative Projects to Spark Curiosity in the Outdoors

Perfect for ages 6-12, this book shares 50 creative outdoor projects for your outdoor adventures! The activities in this book cover different seasons and parts of the country so you’ll have plenty of activities that work for where you’re at.  Get yours here for $9.31. 

Wild Herbs for Little Foragers

18. Wild Herbs for Little Foragers 

This Wild Herbs for Little Foragers book will help teach your kids about what they see in the woods and how they can use those plants for nourishment and healing. As you take walks together, you’ll be able to identify what you’ve learned together and make your walks that much more fun! Get the Wild Herbs for Little Foragers book for $15.00 here!

Maker Lab: Outdoors: 25 Super Cool Projects

19. Maker Lab: Outdoors: 25 Super Cool Projects

Another fantastic book from Maker Lab, this outdoor-orientated book explores the science of the earth and sky, water power, weather, space, and more! Requiring common household items, these 25 experiments are sure to keep your child engaged and excited about science! Get the book for $15.63 here!

Bonus Gift Ideas

Greenlight Kids Debit Card

20. Greenlight Kids Debit Card

Give the gift of good money management to your kids! The Greenlight kids debit card is the perfect way to teach kids responsibility and give them the opportunity to learn good money management! Get the greenlight kids debit card for $4.99 per month for the family here!

Scrabble Junior Game

21. Scrabble Junior Game

This Scrabble Jr. board game introduces kids to the beloved game of scrabble! This is a great game to get your kids learning spelling and word-forming with you playing alongside them. For 2-4 players, it’s a 2-sided game that grows with the ability of the speller. Get Scrabble Jr. for $17.99 here!

Balsa Wood Planes

22. Balsa Wood Planes

A fun (yet inexpensive) playtime toy for your little ones! These balsa wood planes are easy to assemble, requiring no glue, so your kids can put them together all by themselves. You can color or decorate them if you want, or fly them as is, the sky is the limit! At just over a $1 per plane, you’ll get lots of fun for your money with these wood planes. Get yours here!

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    These are very interesting activities, Alane. My 9 year old daughter loves to paint and I’m thinking of getting her the Dinosaur Painting and Evacuation Kit but I’m also willing to introduce her to a few of these toys,. I bet she would love the Kids Cooking Set.

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