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Holiday Gift Guide For Moms

Now that you’ve probably completed all the Christmas shopping for everyone else in your life, it’s time to get yourself something that you will love!
Moms, you’re always thinking of others and putting them first. You make lunches, fold the laundry, tuck little ones into bed, and much, much, more! But don’t forget about yourself!

We put together a list of our favorite gifts for mom this holiday season so you can splurge on yourself for once. Whether you want a new kitchen accessory, something to save money and save the planet, or if you need a little more self-care in your life, we got you covered. Check out the list below!

For moms who love spicing things up in the kitchen

BurgerFit Salts

1. BurgerFit Salts 

Elevate any meal with just a pinch! You can make any dish taste gourmet with BurgerFit Smoked Finishing salts! Our combo pack comes with original Mediterranean, garlic, and salt and pepper – there’s a flavor for every meal! Pack of 3 for $27.50  

Koops' Mustard

2. Koops’ Mustard

The mustard America relishes! With 14 amazing flavors, this mustard makes good food taste great. There are sweet, spicy, and classic flavors so you’ll have a flavor you need for any meal you make! Our favorites are Arizona Heat, Stone Ground, and Honey Dijon. Get a pack of 4 for $16.80 

Yellowbird's Hot Sauces

3. Yellowbird’s Hot Sauces

Spice up your dishes with hot sauce made with fruits and veggies! You’ll quickly forget about the hot sauce you used to love and only use Yellow Birds from now on – it’s that good! With flavors like Jalapeño, Serrano, Blue Agave Sriracha, Habanero, and Ghost Pepper, there is something that everyone will like! Plus, all their sauces are non-GMO, gluten-free, and only 10 calories per serving! Get a pack of 5 for $19.30

FreshJax Grilling Spices

4. FreshJax Grilling Spices 

This 5-pack of organic spices from FreshJax is perfect for all your grilling and meal needs! These spices are certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free! The spice set comes with Peppered Habanero, Fresh Bay, Grill Master Smokey Southwest, and Citrus Pepper. Between these 5 spices, you’ll be covered for every meal! Get the FreshJax Spice set for $24.99 

For the mom who loves being a badass in the kitchen

Julienne peeler from OXO

5. Julienne peeler from OXO

Slice carrots, cucumbers, or potatoes into thin strips! Perfect for using vegetables in a salad in a new way! Julienne peelers slice veggies into match-stick like strips perfect for salads, coleslaws, hash browns, and more! If you don’t have picky eaters at home who refuse to eat vegetables, try julienning it and serving it on a salad or coleslaw first! The texture change may be what they need to better enjoy it!, $9.99 


6. Spiralizer

Get zucchini noodles in minutes with this handheld spiralizer! Great for low carb, Whole30, or paleo lifestyles, spiralizing your veggies gives you the feel and satisfaction of eating noodles without the gluten! Using a handheld spiralizer means there’s no setup required and cleanup is a breeze! Get yours for $9.99 here!

Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Machine

7. Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Machine

There’s no reason to go out and buy a latte when you can easily make coffeeshop level drinks right from home! With this Nespresso coffee and espresso machine, you can easily enjoy your favorite coffee drinks that will taste like they’ve been made by your favorite barista. $149.25 

Don’t want to keep buying the coffee pods that go with this coffee maker? Get the reusable pod for this coffee maker here and use your own coffee!

Milk frother

8. Milk frother

Nothing says coffeehouse-style lattes like frothed milk does! A milk frother is essential if you want your elevate your coffee game! This milk frother not only gives you the perfect foam on top, but it warms your milk too, completely hands-off! Get this home coffeehouse essential here: $39.99 

Handheld Milk Frother from Zulay Kitchen

9. Handheld Milk Frother from Zulay Kitchen

If you’re looking for a more affordable option for a milk frother without comprising on that precious foam, this handheld milk frother from Zulay Kitchen is just what you need! Once your coffee drink is at the perfect temperature, use this handheld milk frother to achieve the perfect foam that you usually only get from your favorite coffee shop. $13.99 

Zulay tongs

10. Zulay tongs

In our opinion, tongs are a kitchen essential that everyone needs! From easily tossing salads, to shredding meats, to stirring your dinner right in the pan, there is no shortage of ways you can use these handy tongs from Zulay Kitchen. Once you get them, you’ll wonder why you went so long without. $5.99 

Air Fryer

11. Air Fryer

Air Fryers are perfect for busy moms, and moms who are looking for simplicity in the kitchen.  They are so effortless to use that it almost feels like you’re cheating! Not only are they a healthier solution, but a time-saver as well. Air fryers are designed to simulate deep frying without soaking the food in oil. When you need a quick meal or snack, use an air fryer because it only takes about half the time of a regular oven! $59.00 – $10 off right now on Amazon!  


12. Apron 

If you’re a mom, you know how quickly and easily your clothes can become soiled and stained. There’s no reason to subject your favorite top to the messes that inevitably happen in the kitchen when you can protect your outfit so easily with this adorable apron! It even has a handy pocket for keeping your best towel or spoon nearby. Get yours for $8.99 here

Cast Iron Tortilla press

13. Cast Iron Tortilla press 

Ditch the rolling pin and make tortillas faster and easily with this cast iron tortilla press from Victoria Cookware! If you’re missing the taste of your favorite corn tortilla from your local restaurant, you can now bring that taste home to your family. Plus, we love the excuse to use anything cast iron! Get yours for $50.00 here

Ice cream maker

14. Ice cream maker

Who says ice cream is just for the warmer months?! Some of our favorite ice cream recipes come in fall and winter flavors: candy cane, pumpkin, and gingerbread! Turn your home into an ice cream shop with this ice cream maker from Cusinart. You’ll opt to stay home for ice cream from now on! 

NOLA Boards - knife magnet hanger

15. NOLA Boards – knife magnet hanger

Create more counter space in your kitchen with this beautiful knife magnet hanger from NOLA Boards! Your wooden knife block is only creating more clutter in your kitchen that you don’t need! This knife magnet holder allows you to store your knives off the counter but still in an easily accessible way. Did we mention that it effortlessly gives your kitchen a major, yet simple upgrade? $150+ 

Instant pot

16. Instant pot

We’re honestly not sure how we got by without an instant pot for so long. From rice to soup, to shredded chicken, to yogurt, you can make just about anything in your instant pot, and it’s completely hands-off once you lock the lid. We also love its keep warm feature that ensures your food stays piping hot until you’re ready to eat! Major swoon! Get yours for $89.99 here!  

Leather hanger hooks

17. Leather hanger hooks

Show off your favorite and beloved kitchen pieces with these handmade genuine leather kitchen hooks! Easily create more storage space in your kitchen and stay organized with this simple leather piece and brass hook. Perfect for storing and showing off your beautiful pots and pans, coffee mugs, spoons, handle cutting boards, kitchen aprons, and more! These look beautiful in a kitchen when paired with leather HANDLENVYs! 



Keep your hands protected from burns without reaching for a towel or oven mitt every time! These beautiful, handmade leather handle covers for cast iron skillet and lids are the best non-slip handles on the market. They work better than silicone and they look better too! We love that you can leave them on the entire time while cooking too! They withstand heat great and you don’t have to worry about accidentally bumping your hand against the hot pan. $15+ 

For the superwoman mom who wants to help save the planet

Reusable paper towels

19. Reusable paper towels

As a mom, you know the necessity of having something readily available to clean up the messiest of spills, but I think we can all agree we’re tired of endlessly buying rolls and rolls of paper towels and going through them like candy! These reusable paper towels are perfect for replacing disposable ones; they’re super absorbent, having the ability to absorb 20x their weight! They can be tossed in the laundry when you’re finished with them and once they’re in water again, they bounce back to their original form. Like magic! Get yours for $19.95 (10 pack) here

Stasher reusable bags

20. Stasher reusable bags

Feel like you’re reaching for a plastic snack bag for everything?? Pretzels, grapes, pencils, buttons, we need them for everything! If you’re ready to ditch the plastic, replace your plastic snack bags with these reusable storage bags from Stash! They’re leak-proof, dishwasher safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly! Perfect for freezing leftovers too! Get a pack of 4 for $46.63 here

Stainless steel straws

21. Stainless steel straws 

Drinking through a straw is always more fun! But as a single-use item, plastic straws are harmful to the environment and are not sustainable. That’s why we absolutely love these stainless steel straws! Made with sustainable material and dishwasher safe, you’ll be using these straws every chance you get. This pack comes with two brushes for super easy cleaning. Get a pack of 12 for $6.99 here

Boroux glass water bottles

22. Boroux glass water bottles 

Ditch the plastic water bottles and switch to these durable, reusable glass water bottles! Boroux bottles are constructed of thick, durable, high quality, premium soda lime glass that has superior impact resistance. Preserve the taste of your beverage and stay hydrated in style with these glass water bottles!  $29.99 but $16 off through 12/21! Available in a 4 pack or 6 pack!

Reusable produce bags

23. Reusable produce bags

Another major plastic waste occurs at the grocery store when picking out our produce. Those plastic bags add up each week! You can easily cut back on your carbon footprint by switching to these reusable produce bags so that you can pass on the plastic ones offered at the grocery store. They’re see-through so you can tell what’s being stored in them and they can be cleaned in the washing machine when they need a little TLC. Get a set of 5 for $12.97 here!

For the mom who needs a little more self-care

Journal from Emily Newman Fine Art

24. Journal from Emily Newman Fine Art

Not everyone is a daily journaler, but it’s very therapeutic to be able to write down your thoughts from time to time when you need help processing. These beautiful journals from Tennessee artist Emily Newman are the perfect way to collect your thoughts or jot down a list when you need to while being able to own a piece of her incredible artwork. $40, Choose your journal here!

Essential oil diffuser

25. Essential oil diffuser

Diffuse away stress, energize your mood or improve your air quality with an essential oils diffuser! With high-quality essential oils, you can replace the scent of candles and use them to improve your health! We find using a diffuser helps you take stock of how you’re feeling more often. Before you diffuse, do a quick self-check-in. Feeling stressed? Diffuse lavender. Feeling unfocused? Diffuse rosemary. Need a mood or energy boost? Try lime or lemon! Get your diffuser for $20.49 here!

Sleep mask

26. Sleep mask

Moms could always use some extra Z’s and now with this sleep mask now you can catch them! Completely block out light with this mask made from memory foam and silk, that is contoured so your eyes don’t touch the mask! Such a small price to pay for the high reward of amazing sleep! Get yours for $8.99 here!

Yoga Mat

27. Yoga Mat

We could all use some time set aside for stretching and deep breathing with how incredible the benefits are. Improved flexibility, decreased pain, better energy, mood, and sleep! Using a yoga mat supports your body while practicing and always helps you stay focused on what you’re doing. Simply roll it up and store it away once you’re done and reap the benefits the rest of the day. Get yours for $32.66 here

New to yoga? We love Yoga by Adrienne on YouTube!  

Organic turmeric ginger tea

28. Organic turmeric ginger tea

Wind down and relax with a cup of immune-boosting anti-inflammatory tea! It’s caffeine-free too so you can drink it in the afternoon for a pick-me-up without worrying that it will keep you up all night. Ginger is a natural anti-nausea and turmeric is great for pain! Get 2 boxes for $12.99 

Magnesium Oil Spray

29. Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium is a necessary nutrient that we need to stay healthy yet nearly half of Americans are magnesium deficient! Magnesium oil spray can help decrease stress, tension, feelings of anxiousness, and improve your sleep! It’s also great for helping with PMS! Major mom wins here! Get this 4-ounce spray bottle for $11.97 

Looking for a gift set that’s perfect for your favorite at-home chef?

See our Smoked Salts + HANDLENVY combo pack! Recieve $11.50 off and free shipping now until Chistmas.

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Not your typical burger with fries! I grew up just eating burgers with cheese, ketchup, and mustard alongside some fries...This burger offers more nutritional value while still being delicious to eat with the condiments that I love. A side dish of rosemary potatoes in place of fried french fries made it even better. This dish was a nice change from the average burger and had great flavor.


BurgerFit is a valuable resource to have at my office when talking about improving eating habits with my patients. It shows them that making healthier choices doesn’t mean giving up food that they know and love, and it helps them make the transition toward seeing food as a joyful part of self care, rather than something to feel guilty about.


Wait, these are healthy? If I had known, I wouldn't have eaten them...But they are good, so just don't tell me next time.


Trust me when I tell you these burgers are amazing!
I have had the wonderful opportunity to have them, and oh boy! My five-year-old even loved them. This is not your sneaky cook of the nineties, these are burgers your family will love. I cannot wait for the cookbook to come out so we can incorporate these into our weekly family meals.


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  • Mom Nicole says:

    Thank you for putting all these things together Alane. I did not plan to buy myself anything for Christmas but after checking this list, oh boy I sure did change my mind quick. And now I’m excited for my orders to arrive!

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