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Episode 4: What's in Our Lunch

Alane Boyd and Stephanie Zarling
Alane Boyd and Stephanie Zarling

It’s “What’s in Our Lunch” sponsored by Veggies Made Great! On Tuesday’s, Alane Boyd, host of Cooking with My Friends and CEO of BurgerFit, and Stephanie Zarling, Certified Health Coach and Marketing Director of BurgerFit, share what is in their lunches to give you quick, healthy ideas for your own meals. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get other healthy eating tips and lunch ideas!


I was right. It all paired really well together! – Alane

Watch the "What's in Our Lunch" Video

Get the Recipes

Roasted Veggie Salad
  • Handful of spinach
  • Add 1 cup leftover roasted veggies – of any kind!
  • Add 1 tbsp (or more) feta cheese
  • Add 1 Butternut Squash Veggies Made Great Veggie Cake
  • Drizzle with apple thyme vinaigrette or dressing of choice
Simple Sandwich:
  • 2 slices Dave’s Killer Bread or bread of choice
  • Spread 1/2 an avocado on the bread
  • Sprinkle a pinch of salt, pepper and garlic powder
  • Add tomato slices and chicken
  • Pair with an apple or fruit of choice and a Carrot Berry Veggies Made Great Muffin
Carrot Berry Muffins

Get the muffin featured in this "What's In Our Lunch?" Episode

Veggies Made Great Carrot Berry Muffin

You’ll never believe the first ingredient in our Carrot Berry Muffins is carrots- and it’s only 100 calories!

Butternut Squash Veggie Cakes

Get the veggie cake featured in this "What's In Our Lunch?" Episode

Veggies Made Great Butternut Squash veggie cake

Gluten Free and only 90 calories! Our Butternut Squash Veggie Cakes make the ultimate snack or side dish.

Meet Our Hosts

Alane Boyd headshot

Alane Boyd

Host of Cooking with My Friends and CEO of BurgerFit

Alane has kept her 40 lb weight loss off since 2013, and created BurgerFit and Cooking with My Friends as a way to get her family eating better. Her health journey started in 2012 after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and obesity. Frustrated and determined, Alane decided to make small, sustainable changes in her diet so that it would be maintainable for a lifetime. Now Alane maintains a healthy weight range and has incorporated quick and easy recipes that keep her picky family members eating better!

Stephanie Zarling Host Photo

Stephanie Zarling

Certified Holistic Health Coach & Marketing Director BurgerFit

Stephanie Zarling's lifelong passion for health and wellness led her to the Functional Medicine Health Coaching Academy program where she is expected to graduate with her certificate in February 2020. She is currently the Marketing Director for BurgerFit and enjoys incorporating her knowledge of health and nutrition into her everyday work.

How We Met

Oh man, I could go on for days about how amazing Stephanie is! I met Stephanie when she was working at a local restaurant that my husband and I eat lunch at often. She was always so friendly and took the time to remember our names and chat with us when we would come in. Eventually we hired her for our businesses, and she joined the BurgerFit team. She is working on getting her holistic health coaching certification (March 2020) so obviously loves cooking healthy and is also a singer and guitarist. She really can do it all! We love sharing healthy recipes with each other and trying each other’s lunches. It was a natural fit for us to host this show together ????

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Alane Boyd

Alane is the co-founder of BGBO Co, a business consulting company that helps business owners achieve their biggest goal and overcome their biggest obstacle. She is also the creator of BurgerFit and the host of Cooking with My Friends. Both were started to inspire people to eat healthier.

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