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Having a hard time getting your toddler to eat vegetables?

The struggle is real but thankfully by never giving up and doing these two things, my toddler is continuing to eat more and more vegetables!

Kids Eating Vegetables

How I Got My Toddler to Start Eating Vegetables (And Ideas That May Work for You)

Shortly after Fletcher turned four years old, I hit a huge victory when he began eating vegetables without me having to sneak them into his meal. I made him a tortilla with hummus, cooked carrots and broccoli, chopped bacon, and goat cheese. He took one bite, looked at me, and said, “Mommy, this is sooo good. It is deeee-licious!” Wow, I felt like I just won the lottery! These were the two things I did with him that I believe were the biggest contributors to his newfound love of vegetables:

I started a small garden with my toddler. Even if it’s small, perhaps only with herbs, it will make a difference! Fletcher loves to come home, pick a few leaves of our freshly growing cilantro, and pop them in his mouth on the way inside the house. It makes my heart happy every time he does that!

Ideas to get kids involved in gardening:


Let them hold the water wand to water the plants - assist them as needed!


Let them pick the produce while you hold the plant.


Let them plant seeds.


Let them dig a hole for seeds.


Let them put the harvest into the basket.


Let them help you rinse off produce when you bring it inside.


Involve them in the seed selection process.


Plant crops that you think they will actually like to eat!

My toddler helps me cook in the kitchen. When he asks if he can help, I always say “yes!” and find something age appropriate for him to do. Invite your kids to cook with you in the kitchen!

Ideas to get kids involved in cooking:


Let them add things to the blender to make smoothies.


Teach them to cook oatmeal.


Let them stir something (whether hot or cold!).

Don’t hover—let them take some ownership of it and figure it out as they go.

Let them add chopped food items to a pan or dish.


Teach them to measure!


Toast bread in the toaster.


Let them spread items (such as refried beans on a burrito, peanut butter on bread, hummus on veggies, etc.).


Let them shake up salad dressing in a jar.


Shower them with praise when they do something on their own in the kitchen or when they try a new food item!

Just because a kid doesn’t want to eat vegetables right now doesn’t mean they won’t ever like them! It may not happen immediately, but after you harvest and cook your own vegetables a few times, chances are your kid will want to try it. Eventually, trying vegetables will evolve into eating a small portion with their meals, which will then turn into a full serving. It is magical. I would also suggest being mindful of how much sugar they are eating and giving them a wide variety of foods to help their palates adapt.

Mommy, this is sooo good. It is deeee-licious!

Fletcher4 yr. old toddler
Toddler with vegetable

Remember that this is a process...It may take some time for kids to adapt to this, so don’t be discouraged!

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Toddler helping mom in the Kitchen
Toddler helping in garden
Toddler helping in kitchen
Toddler helping cook with cast iron
Toddler helping mom in kitchen

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